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Remember when TV was free? Well it is again! You just need a good web connection, a Google TV can definitely help, then sit back and enjoy an incredible array of free videos and full episodes on Google TV channels like this!


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The Explorer Channel’s mission is to provide the user an opportunity to find and enjoy outstanding video content from some of the best video producers. This network will be optimized for Google TV - that means you can expect interactive linkcasting and supporting informational content. In this process, we will strive to provide the user with the best online video experience and hopefully attract some advertisers along the way (we have to make money somehow).



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Explorer Clips - Short Subjects

VIEWERS - Although it is probably obvious, we are under construction. This is just a preview of what the interface will be like. Here you will find short videos and clips you might like - free of course.

LAUNCH DATE- NAB 4-11-2012.


Aviation - Aircraft - Space




Travel - Locations - Events




Nature - Science - Education




Outdoor - Sports - More...




Spiritual - Relaxation




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PRODUCERS - help us make the Explorer Channel your new home for sharing your content. In the coming months we will build a slick new interface for you to join this community. Help us make it great!



Aviation - Aircraft


Space - Exploration


Travel - Adventure


Military - War


Nature - Science


Education - Family


Sports - Outdoor - More...


Museums - Art - Culture


Spiritual - Relaxation